Caitlin And Nick.

Click to see photograph. Caitlin visited this morning. She brought some beautiful smelling flowers, a cutting from her mother’s Yard .

Nicholas was again helping me with planning and paperwork.

Heide’s headaches are returning more frequently, but are being managed.

She is not responsive to very much.







Bedroom Nahid Baido Poetry

On Saturday we were so blessed when more voluteers than I thought I needed to help rearrange furniture.  I vastly underestimated the amount of work but it was good fun at least for me and Heide. We moved Heide’s hospital bed into the studio so we can have lovely views of her garden and down town seattle as a background.

Thank you:- George,Luke,Peter,Matthew,Wassef,Sylvia,Racha,Adam,Sarah and Paul not shown.


George and I went out for brunch with Tina and John.

Then we met Ann and Colleen and Cath at the McCaw Hall. To watch Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Heide’s sister Nahid came with her son Baido.

Heide sleeps a lot of the time. Very rarely she answers questions with a single word. She sumond some strength to hug Baido

Today I read for her Shakespear poetry.  Hafez poetry Rumi  at various times of day. It’s hard to know if she hears it, she appears to be sleeping.  I also played Piano some new and mellow improvising.




Sleep, Snuggles and Rumi

Heide slept for almost 24 hour and needed non of the big gun pharmaceuticals

George was reminiscing his fond childhood memories and snuggling with mom.

We had dinner in Heide’s bedroom with a lot of banter and jokes so Heide could be filled with laughter and levity too.

Ealier in the day Matthew was reading Rumi to Heide.

We met Phoebe and Lucy today. They are RNs to help with the hospice care.

Napping & Social Family Time

Matthew is at ease and soaking up Heide’s warmth whilst she is listening to his heart beat. Fond memories and good times

Heide napping earlier in the day

We thought it would be more fun to have dinner in Heide’s room so she could enjoy the laughter and commeradery and jolly banter.  We all enjoyed it and Heide appeared to enjoy it before napping.

Earlier in the day George was hanging out with her.

Pam also read some Rumi to Heide and played a Farsi speaker reading Hafez.

May you all find peace and joy in your hearts.


Enjoying Orchids and Dance


Wednesday 21st March Pam has been wheeling Heide around the house. She wanted to stop and admire the orchids.


Tuesday 20th March

Heide enjoyed being wheeled around the garden. Matthew played “Happy” by Pharrell  Williams. George and Matthew danced to it to entertain. Heide.

In general she tires very quickly. She sleeps a lot and sometimes finds it hard to settle.

Nick & Premila

(photos) My brother Nick and his wife Premila came over from UK to support Heide and the entire family.

She has extremely little energy. She was able to engage and be present for 4 minutes before being too tired. But no words. It’s so lovely to see her smile.


Hello all,

This is George. We have decided to create this website as a place to share our memories and stories about my mom. We had become frustrated by other resources out there that were meant to fulfill this same purpose, and hope that this can be both easier to use and more meaningful for all of us.

Please do use this space to share your memories and thoughts about Heide. I know she loves you all, and we want to make it easy for you to share that love with her far-reaching circle.

We have made a private forum for you to upload things to – create an account and share whatever you would like!

Much Love,

George Felton