Hello all,

This is George. We have decided to create this website as a place to share our memories and stories about my mom. We had become frustrated by other resources out there that were meant to fulfill this same purpose, and hope that this can be both easier to use and more meaningful for all of us.

Please do use this space to share your memories and thoughts about Heide. I know she loves you all, and we want to make it easy for you to share that love with her far-reaching circle.

We have made a private forum for you to upload things to – create an account and share whatever you would like!

Much Love,

George Felton

2 Replies to “Purpose”

  1. Thank you for doing this George. What lovely photos of Heide and of the family too.
    Although we live in the UK we have known Heide and Matthew for very many years (and you when you were young!) so this brings back memories and will help to keep Heide alive in our hearts just as we knew her.
    We think of her often. Give give her our love.
    Tim and Ingrid

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