Sleep, Snuggles and Rumi

Heide slept for almost 24 hour and needed non of the big gun pharmaceuticals

George was reminiscing his fond childhood memories and snuggling with mom.

We had dinner in Heide’s bedroom with a lot of banter and jokes so Heide could be filled with laughter and levity too.

Ealier in the day Matthew was reading Rumi to Heide.

We met Phoebe and Lucy today. They are RNs to help with the hospice care.

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  1. Dear Matthew and all the family – I know that this is an incredibly tough time for you all, but it is wonderful that you are able to be with Heide and to have her at home, in the place that she loves, with the people that she loves, at this caring end of her life.
    Benjamin and I had hoped to visit Heide last Sunday, but we were still recovering from the flu and didn’t want to expose her to any new germs, so we lost our chance for a personal goodbye. I know that she must feel all of the love flowing her way, in person or in energy.
    Please know that we are keeping all of you in hearts. Love Shauna

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